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Train Like A Pro With These Ultimate Exercise Bands With Handles!

Do you worry about lifting weights and hurting your back? Do you need hassle free training bands to facilitate your stay at home routines? Are you fed up with cheaply made resistance cords that fall apart from the very beginning?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the finest resistance bands for you!

Lose Body Fat, Strengthen Your Core & Improve Stamina With Our Training Resistance Bands

Reap all the benefits of training with our leg resistance bands and experience the difference on your body even from day one!

These Pilates bands will help you reduce stubborn body fat from arms and thighs and lose some weight through exercise of course. Also they will increase your strength, boost your stamina levels and range of motion along with your athletic performances.

Besides the numerous benefits on your body regarding the toning and sculpting, these resistance bands are appropriate to treat joint and muscle pains, as well as for rehabilitation injuries!

With WODFitters Resistance Bands You Can Train Your Whole Body

No more machines that work only specific body areas. Try now these elastic bands and indulge in a comprehensive and full body workout that will challenge every single muscle group in your body.Enjoy now various exercises from squats, bent over rows, bicep curls, overhead tricep extensions, horizontal chest press to chin ups, pushups and so many more, in the comfort of your living room. What are you waiting for? Get yours today and one as a gift to a dear friend or a beloved family member.

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  • PREMIUM EXERCISE RESISTANCE BANDS: If you are looking for effective ways to improve your workouts without having to spend a small fortune on gym memberships or machines, then we got you covered. We proudly present you the best exercise bands with handles that will handle all your workout needs and allow you to enjoy your fitness routines like never before! Suitable for both men and women who love intense or low impact workouts.
  • DURABLE RESISTANCE BAND CORDS CONSTRUCTION: Forget all those cheaply made resistance bands that would tear easily and might not stretch enough and trust our well-crafted resistance bands. They are made from resilient Rubber Latex material and designed for some heavy duty workouts either at home or at the gym. You may rest assured that our bands will accompany your routines for the many years to come!
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES FOR ULTRA COMFORTABLE GRIP: Do not compromise with anything less than perfection when it comes to your workout accessories and band resistance kits. Invest in these bands which are equipped with super comfy handles for a more secure and comfortable grip.
  • MULTIPURPOSE BODY RESISTANCE CORDS: Our lightweight resistance cords are extremely convenient and multipurpose in use. You can take them along during Cross Training, Yoga, Pilates and bodyweight sessions. Ideal for physical therapy and rehabilitation from injuries as well. They will help you increase strength, reduce joint pains, treat chronic pain, tone and shape your whole body from scratch! 3 different resistance levels (Blue - 4-6 lbs, Black 15-20 lbs, Red (25-30 lbs)
  • FITNESS RESISTANCE BANDS WITH 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: These fitness resistance bands are cleverly designed by a trainer who understands what people need from their workout equipment. So you may rest assured that they will surely satisfy even the most demanding training needs. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this product is backed by our unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee policy and our lifetime warranty!

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